BT MAC Codes - How Do I Get a MAC Code from BT Internet?

So you're a BT Internet customer who wants to know, "how do I get a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) from BT Internet". Here's the answer...

To quote Ian Livingston, BT CEO "we're not good enough, we still get it wrong too often". So its time to move on.

The MAC is the security code which allows you to switch to another ADSL Internet Service Provider.

Follow these easy steps to get your MAC, and get free from BT Internet.

Step 1 - Phone BT, ask for a MAC

To get a MAC code, find a copy of your bill, and phone BT on either of these numbers...

(If you have an iPhone, or other similar smartphone, just click on the telephony links below)

0800 328 6738 / 0800 800 030

Ask for your MAC, but don't cancel your service. Tell them you want to make a 'seamless' switch.

BT will probably offer you discounts and incentives to stay. These sweeteners come with a catch; BT will attempt to tie you into a 12 or 18 month contract. Do not accept.

You're entitled to receive your MAC, free of charge, in 5 days.

BT may claim that they are unable to provide the MAC because the system is 'down'. If so, ask for the name of the customer service rep, and tell them you will make a complaint to Ofcom. Who knows? Suddenly it might be possible to get your MAC.

If they still fail to issue a MAC code, call Ofcom on these numbers and complain;

0207 981 3040 / 0300 123 3333

If you're unhappy with the way BT have issued your MAC code, call this number 0800 800 150 and complain.

Even if they fail to issue a MAC code, you can still move to a new provider. Ask your new ISP for help.

Step 2 - Phone an alternative Internet Service Provider

There are lots of quality Internet Service Providers to choose from. You don't have to tolerate poor service.

Your new service provider will ask for your MAC code, to allow them to take over your ADSL connection.

The best ISPs will offer you a reliable and trustworthy connection, great customer service, and a net connection free from Phorm/Webwise.

Your new provider will help you with the migration process.

Personal recommendations are Seriously!, Aquiss,, Bethere, Andrews & Arnold, Orpheus Internet, mADSLax, UKFSN, Phone Coop, (in no particular order, these ISPs are not associated in any way with this site).

But there are lots to pick from.

Your MAC is valid for 30 days once issued.

Step 3 - Sit back, and relax...

In around 5 to 10 days, you will be surfing with a quality communication service provider who understands the long term value of trust, privacy, security, data integrity, and excellent customer service.


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